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Daisy Dining has been inspired in my by mother and is in memory of her, I grew being taught to cook by my mother. We did most of our shopping at markets and really only went to a supermarket for the basics. My beautiful mother who did many cooking courses including Cordon Bleu and Di Holuigue. Mum was very traditional in her cooking. I was very lucky to experience evening meals that were more of a dining experience that your ordinary dinner. There was always a lot of thought and love put into every meal. I think I spent most of my life asking for Beef Bourguignon and Soufflés. Which has resulted in me having a strong background in French and traditional cooking.
And yes you can order these!!

Daisy Dining is a very unique catering service and is designed to share with you my absolute love of food and passion of cooking, also a little bit of what I treasure. It is not something you will find in a restaurant. I have a strong passion for local produce, ethical farming and also traditional cooking methods. I prepare everything fresh from local, ethical and happy farms where possible. As everything is homemade from the stock to the crème anglaise designing a menu for your special occasion, dinner or event is an absolute delight and I am always happy to discuss dietary requirements.

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