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Let me introduce myself, my name is Rob Talbot. I am new to the business of Marriage Celebrancy and I am anxious for the opportunity to help you to develop the ceremony you desire.  If you are looking for a Celebrant who will work with you to model your special day as close as possible to one of your own design, I am ready to assist you.  Your choice of attendees, garments, props and accoutrements, music and location is important because it says who you are.  Within legal and social parameters I am sure we can produce a ceremony that will be yours alone.  

As with all Australian Marriage Celebrants I have certain restrictions on the wording of a ceremony.  While I believe in the recognition and celebration in society of our relationship with a partner of our choice, the makeup of what constitutes a relationship must be as established by law in Australia.  I respect the law in Australia and when it changes, I shall respect it no more nor less.  I look forward to serving couples in Daylesford/Hepburn Springs and surrounding towns and communities, at any location of their choice to make their wedding day a memorable one.


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