Summer Wedding

Summer is the most popular month to have a wedding in Daylesford. Weekend after weekend venues, churches and accommodation are busy hosting brides, grooms and their guests. If you would like to have a wedding in Daylesford in summer you will need to book early. Early summer temperatures can be milder though by February it's getting pretty hot at times reaching 40 with averages in the mid 30s. There are certainly many beautiful locations for outdoor weddings during summer. If you choose a summer wedding remember you will need to be prepared for bush fire's and know the regulations around what you can and can't do. Outdoor fires are not a possibility. Please prepare yourselves and guests on what to do and where to evacuate during a bushfire emergency. Bush fire's area very real risk in regional Victoria during summer and Daylesford is no exception.

Autumn Wedding

Autumn is a gorgeous time of year in Daylesford. The town is full of deciduous trees turning the streets shades of yellow, red, orange and brown. Stunning backdrops for beautiful wedding images. The air is crisp, but still mild enough early in autumn to celebrate outdoors. Autumn temperatures average to around 18-20 degrees. Rainfall is starting to increase so having an indoor retreat is a safe option, but autumn in Daylesford is still full of clear sunny skies. You will find it a little easier to book your favourite venues and accommodation and the bush fire risk is no longer a threat. Daylesford is host to the Chill Out festival. This festival attracts many people and accommodation is always completely booked out. If this is your chosen weekend for your wedding book well in advance.

Winter Wedding

If you're thinking about a winter wedding then think no further. Daylesford is the perfect winter wonderland for a romantic winter wedding. If you're lucky, you may even get wedding pictures with snow falling around you.
Winter weddings are growing in popularity and here are some of the reasons why.
• It's easier to book that perfect venue and often cheaper as there isn't as much competition.
• There are are not many things more romantic than a flickering warm fire and candles.
• Winter wedding fashion is gorgeous and a little more unique.
• Your make up won't melt away.
• Your flowers will see it through the day.
• You will stay bright and fresh and not get exhausted by the summer heat.
Whilst your wedding venue might be easier to secure, keep in mind you will still need to remind your guests to book accommodation early. Daylesford is bustling in winter. Tourists flock to get warm in the abundant hot spas and recuperate with cosy accommodation and food that warms the heart.

Spring Wedding

Spring is a beautiful season to get married for it is representative of new beginnings. Spring in Daylesford is stunning. Blossoms and flowers blooming, sunny days and clear skies. With average temperatures in the low to mid 20s outdoor weddings are popular though rainfall is a little higher. If you decide on an outdoor wedding ensure your Marquee is big enough if you are required to take cover from the rain. The lavender is spectacular in the spring and attracts many visitors. Like Autumn you will find it a little easier booking your favourite venue.


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