Pia Barber Event Painting


My name is Pia Barber. I am an academy trained fine artist based in Daylesford, Victoria specialising in life drawing.

Life drawing Captures events on canvas as it evolves. Canvas is only one of the various mediums I use. Allow me to paint the essence of your wedding, as I work on-site to create an original artwork for you.

While doing a life drawing at a wedding, for example, guests love to watch the drawing or painting unfold to become an original work of art, often with them in it. Guests will love to watch and interact as the work comes to life.

Art brings a unique edge, character And charm to any event - especially a wedding!

A live painting is a Wonderful and meaningful gift. On the day, I set up 1-2 hours before the event and begin to compose the work; I continue to work as the event unfolds. The painting is created in real time and depicts the ambiance with the nominated characters, for example, the bride and groom being the focal point.

I will work with you to create your painting that features your specific requirements in a unique way. By the end of the event you will have a substantially finished artwork, further touch up is sometimes required in the studio. On completion you will have a unique piece of artwork capturing your event to proudly display in your home.


M: 0406 992 742
W: www.piabarbereventpainting.com

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